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I’d been thinking that there was a lot less inter-blog linkage and conversation going on these days compared to a few years ago. It feels like we all type up these things in our silos and maybe leave the odd comment, but that most of the interaction now takes place on things like Dissensus.

So it was good to see Matt’s old skool Blog Love post recently, especially as he gives me a mention, shameless egotist that I am. It reminded me to big some people up on here, starting with him. It’s difficult to steer a path between outright back slappery and looking a bit uptight with these things, but I will do my best.

One of the exceptions to the “silo” rule is the Westside Story:

Gutta – prolific, enthused, on the ball. Plus he does his own monthly net radio show, which is seriously impressive. I’m trying to convert my envy into love here, it’s what old man Woebot would want.

Kek – loads pulp fiction, drawings, Victor Meldrew ruminations on life in da hood. I always imagine he has some kind of Tommy Vance gravelly voice for some reason. Annoying that I can’t read Kid Shirt from work.

Psychblokeย – He’s resisting becoming a photoblog, but his photos (and artwork) are excellent. But I’d hate for him to stop writing – this entry on his indie teenage years is great.

Lokiย – Ashleeee Simpson psychoanalysis, Coil, mad audio. Job done.

I always imagine this lot as a big gang, akin to the Double Deckers or something. But with cider and tractorsย ๐Ÿ™‚

obligatory nods towards:

Martin. His recent posts on the new Whitehouse CD, travelling in the Phillipines and being an altar boy are essential reading. He reacts badly to praise though, so I’ll leave it there except to say that only BTI has the ability to reduce our more academic bloggers to blurting out things like “why am I all about the wee?”.

Paul. His jungle dub mix is outstanding. But he’s rubbish at blogging. Rubbish! Pull your finger out, Paul! Suits and pagans! That’s not what the kidz want, is it?

annoying gits:

Compost and Betty.

For making it look so goddamn easy. Quite possibly the best things you will read today. I hate you both. Thanks.

on the horizon:

The other Matt should definitely do his proposed “seven a day” project. Please!

I’d like to see the manlike Droid write some more stuff, as well as continuing with the crucial mixage. That’s not too much to ask is it? I only want to have my cake and eat it, not to expropriate the bakery, innit!

we await their return, like cargo cults of yore:

Molex, Stelfox, Dubversion… come on, you lightweights. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. well, it’s a bit like that, or maybe a sort of squirreled-out Banana Splits with taller hats and tractor-wheeled dune buggies…

    btw… Kek IS Tommy Vance, albeit re-animated,pulled through a thin shard of Hawkwind headgear and then strapped to a underground soundsystem playing early Finnish Dubplates…

  2. Thanks for the big-up, John. Its a shame the blogs don’t integrate like they used to. Its just not the ‘done thing’ anymore, is it? I blame the fucking forums – a thousand curses on them! Btw, hate to break the image but Kek ain’t no Tommy Vance – he’s a little weasely creature, but we love him all the same.

  3. Aw shucks… and I was feeling so unloved what with my non-appearance on your sidebar….

    I like all the interlinking – though it does lay us open to all those accusations of cosy, chummy self-referentiality – lord knows what the american comic book readers I get make of it all…..

    But tractors? – I beg to differ – further down the M5 you might find the hideen rural riverside retreats of disc jockey doppelgangers, but Gutta and I is here in the pulsating heart of the metropolis mate….

    I like the Banana Split thing though – Can I be the big psychotic grinning orange ape? Go on, I usually have to be someone crap when we do these things……

  4. dub – oh yeah club. The republicans people disco isn’t it? Or the discordians public convenience? But it’s like, in south London, or on Mars isn’t it? Seems a bit limiting. Got any reggae? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Westside- seems like Kek, even in his absence, is all things to all people. Radical ambiguity, that’s what we like!

    Bloke – I thought I had stuck you on there! I operate a strict “one in – one out” policy so someone will have to be culled. Yeah, you can be the mad orange one. On a tractor.

  5. I wasn’t going to leave a comment here (a) because of abject fear and (b) because I don’t deserve to be in such esteemed company, but it seemed impolite, so … THANK YOU.

  6. Betty – ahhh, don’t be scared! It’s just nerdery. Good manners are much appreciated though ๐Ÿ™‚ – see Droid? That’s how some of us were brought up to behave!

    Think of this place as a pub. I’m the old git in the corner. Martin is bribing me with guinness so I’ll tell him my old war stories and then make an arse of myself by falling over. The westside crew are having a laugh over by the jukebox. Paul Meme and Matt Woebot are swanning about smoking cigars and being all suave. Droid and Dubversion are wearing hoodies and trying to break into the fruit machine.

  7. Hahaha…cheers, John…

    A mutant west-country weasel on a souped-up quad bike wearing a banana-splits costume and channelling the troubled spirits of Bob Calvert and Tommy Vance…yeah, got me down in one, I reckon….

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