T-woc – Reign Blood

T-WOC – Reign Blood (ABCEP005 CD EP)
Nice 7 tracker out of Dublin. I wonder if any Slayer fans with pick it up by mistake and realise the error of their ways?

It’s a bit eclectic in focus. The first couple of tracks are mindfuck mash up beaty affairs which bring early Squarepusher to mind.
(Glastonbury, 1997? on my birthday, we get up and go to see Squarepusher. He’s off his head. “Hands up everyone whose been up all night drinking! Right – the rest of you lot can fuck off…” It’s the only time I’ve ever been to Glastonbury “oh bollocks, I forgot to play my bass”)

Yiks has lots going on and a lot of it is mentalist. I didn’t like this too much at first but it’s grown on me after a few listens – especially the slightly jarring keyboards which come in about halfway through and dominate the rest of the track. Mad organist in haunted chapel stylee.

Badu is even more mash up breakbeat bizness with little hints of that mad gabba “bassline” noise. Robotic big band drummers malfunctioning in an abandoned spacestation.

Furball and its accompanying dub are my favourites. Some kind of “stadium hip hop” loop on top of two sets of interlocking breakbeats. Love this. There’s a great violin gliding through the middle of it and a nice bit of the old skankin going on alongside air raid sirens. All the ingredients, perfectly mixed for a tasty treat. The dub ramps up the echo chamber and siren. T-woc knows his dub for sure – a great use of space and subtraction here to give the crucial (de)emphasis on hidden parts of the original.

Twins is those big band robotic drummers getting their shit together because Fuzzy Jones has docked with the spacestation and they want to impress him so much he’ll stay. I reckon he’ll dig it, but it’s good to see our automated friends giving it their all anyway.

Simmons SE has some ace squiddly synths going. Iration with flashes of jittery techno. East From Vibro is steppers on a sunday afternoon, ambling along rather than sprinting. Great intro with some glitched up oriental plucky stuff given the treatment.

T-woc is definitely someone to keep an eye on- check out the mp3s and invest in a copy if you like the tunes as much as I do.

Running time 33 minutes. Available from http://t-woc.alphabetset.net/


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