Still Fighting Thatcher* dept: 

Mark K-Punk article about On-U Sound over at Fact Magazine, including contributions from Mark Stewart and Adrian Sherwood.

‘We need to push and shove and throw things’

“In the 80s he founded Class War, whose newspaper featured photos of beaten-up policemen. He went on Bash the Rich marches and was labelled Britain’s most dangerous man. Now a grandad with a dodgy brick-throwing arm, Ian Bone still believes in violent action to overthrow the state. Emine Saner meets him.”

Green Galloway on the new Crass book, Rubella Ballet, Goths.

*”Still Fighting Thatcher” is a song by Hard Skin.

Still Fighting RSI dept: 

Beyond The Implode: October Listening Post and satanic memories.

Paul Autonomic’s new blog deeptime, including a new link to Paul Meme’s Dubstep Sufferah vol 2 mix (downloads of which took his site off-air after a couple of days!).

Matt Woebot interviews Dave Nodz and gets him to design a Woebot t-shirt!

Don’t forget the UK Reggae Dancehall Events at the Deptford Albany Tomorrow.



  1. None of those links mean anything to me except the first one. I’m not brittish, and the old war horse of class struggle needs to be put out to pasture or put down as far as I’m concerned. Now thats not to devalue anyone else’s interests, just that while I remember the 1984 Rock Against Reagan stuff fondly, I was a kid then and so I now see those things as having been boys will be boys. I work for babylon now. All that said….

    What kind of magazine is Fact? I dont think I’ve ever seen it on the import stands in Tokyo. They say any press is good press, so I’m glad AMS/On-U are getting press again. I’ve written about their resurgance of popularity here and since the Soundcrash albums have been out here for quite a while I’ve had the benefit of enjoying those and seeing several AHC live shows in the last couple years. The Fact article was kind of dissapointing for me, I didnt learn anything new, but did enjoy the game of “spot the errors” and got a laugh of out the writer’s golden shovel use of big words they saw somewhere else.

    Those of you who cant wait for the releases of the Soundcrash/AHC CDs here are some links to will ship outside of Japan:

    AMS’s new CD with the JP only 2nd dub mix CD:

    Audio Active Soundcrash

    African Head Charge Live In Japan
    African Head Charge Vision Of A Psychedelic Africa

  2. Everyone works for babylon… so I can’t really agree with the idea of “putting out to pasture”… when I look out my window the class war is still being waged against us by those in charge – I’m sure they’d like us to stop fighting!

    FACT is a nice little music mag (seven inches square, full colour) which gets put in record shops etc in the UK and is free. Thanks for the links – I got sent some On-U related reissues a while back which were very nice indeed and am looking forward to the soundcrash stuff.

  3. OK maybe “class war” is a UK thing? To be honest I never saw it in the US and Japan is still quite midaeval in its social structure so the very concept doesnt apply here.

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