Battle for Broadway Market screening 11th Feb


The Battle for Broadway Market



At the end of November 2005 an occuption was started by local residents at 34 Broadway Market to prevent it being knocked down for luxury flats.

Over the next few months support multiplied and the news travelled around the world. It’s a story that brings in corrupt property developers, an incompetant council, rampant gentrification and the question of just what sort of community we want in 21st century London.

This is the definitive film of the event.

Dir: Emily James, 2006, 62 minutes


Also…The 43 Group

After the Second World War Jewish ex-serviceman found once again Oswald Mosley and his Blackshirt pals spreading their anti-semitic message on the streets. This documentary recounts the anti-fascist battles fought in the East End and all over London in the years immediately after 1945.

Dir: Graeme Kennedy, 2000, 25 minutes

Smoke and Mirrors: Fighting Housing Privatisation

An inspirational documentary showing how tenants in Edinburgh fought against council housing privatisation.

3pm, Sunday February 11, Sebright Arms, 31-35 Coate Street, London, E2 9AG£2 entry

Sunday lunch is served in the Sebright Arms from 1-4pm at £7 per head onwards

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    Iam doing a gentrification season at rampart free community cinema. I really love to have the film ”Smoke and Mirrors: Fighting Housing Privatisation” could you tell me where i can find it.

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