News reaches me via the ubiquitous Boomnoise that BASH is no more.

I am very saddened by this, as it was easily one of the best clubs ever and without question the best night out in 2006.

I accept my tastes are not everyone’s, but I think if I had tried to construct a club from scratch then it probably would have looked exactly like BASH (with perhaps a tad less dubstep, ho ho!). Now it’s gone we can really begin to appreciate how special it was.

Respect to all who sailed in her, and to Kevin Martin and Loefah for organising it.


  1. Glad i read this, was going to go tonight..
    Reason for demise must be lack of crowds. Reason for the lack of crowds is probably a mixture of (a) poor taste of public (b) lack of promotion – this blog was the only place i could ever find out when it was on! and (c) wrong club, wrong area…

  2. Crowds weren’t really the issue – the reason it moved to a better date was because the venue were happy with the night. I think it was more the case that the organisers have about a million projects on the go and there just wasn’t enough time… (including time to promote it, for sure).

  3. Fuck.

    Can’t believe I only went once. You know I actually put the (guesstimated) dates for the ones in Jan and Feb in my diary as well?

  4. well if it’s just a time thing, although it’s a shame at least it’s not something that Kev et al will be down about – better to have to stop a night through busy-ness than because it failed. 🙂

  5. We’re talking about starting our Shubeen night again soon. Same regulars will feature.

    Tippa Irie, King Tubbys with Silverstar, Trevor Sax with YT, Mad Professor, Top Cat and Tenor Fly with Coxsonne DJ.

    Where shall we do it!? This is the question. We were hosting it at Anda de Bridge in Shoreditch, but things fell apart with the management, and the shoddy way they ran the venue.

    Perhaps Plastic People could be the go, though i’d like something a bit bigger. Any recommendations for circa 150 capacity venues anywhere around town?

    Also, check out the audio player on the site. We’ve not updated it for a while, but it’s got some gems on there. You might recognise it as being similar to the one off, that’s cos we did that night too…

    Great blog – loving the Saxon history.



    lionbeat at gmail dot com

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