ebay diary: part two

The continuing saga of a compulsive hoarder.

Week 4: Odin vs Satan vs Kali

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I only ever read Anton LaVey’s outpourings for a laugh or as a precursor to criticising people who thought he was really profound. Had his death added to or subtracted from the mythology? A copy of the Church of Satan in-house journal and LaVey-fanbwoy organ The Black Flame was my test.

And Odin? Well, setting aside the dodgy politics of some of his followers, I always had a grudging respect for the northern european runic posse. I’ll take serious drinking, berzerker mayhem and the aesthetic simplicity of the runes over the arty fartyness of wicca, tarot, etc on most days of the week.

Also a random hodge podge of other occultnik mags from yesteryear, including the “Kali issue” of Tantra. I muse that new age ponces like Sting should definitely have more Kali in their lives.

Result: A resounding victory of Odin to the tune of £17 nicker, althoug the winning bidder also snaffled the satanic stuff. Make of that what you will.

Week 5: Do fetishists pay with rubber cheques?


Ebay fatigue was beginning to set in, so only 4 items rather than the usual ten. Skin Two used to be a great magazine, filled with slightly arty photos of curvy pale gals in tight shiny black outfits. Oh, and some great articles on all sorts of slightly edgy stuff – interviews with Clive Barker, pieces on Angela Carter, that sort of thing. (Obviously the main reason I bought ’em was because of the articles – you know that, right? 🙂 )

At some point in the early 90s Skin Two mutated into a rubberist version of Vogue and I gradually lost interest (“what you gonna do when the novelty has gone?”). Two issues remained an onto ebay they went, with a slight pang of reluctance – my first!

Also a copy of The Obsession, a novel by Terence Sellers, who is more famous for writing The Correct Sadist – a well observed “how to” guide which was non-salacious and very insightful on a number of levels. Terence is quite an interesting character – a New York based transsexual dominatrix with connections to Genesis P-Orridge.

Result: One of the mags had my biggest number of views at 81. You never know if that is because people just want to have a peek or if they are seeing if it is something they have already (and want to sell!) though. One issue sold for a tenner whilst Terence went for the bargain basement price of £1.20, something I felt quite bad about on her behalf (like she gives a flying one).

Also this week: some signs of change in my better half. Whilst watching an episode of ‘Six Feet Under’ on DVD I noticed that it featured reknowned sex author Susie Bright. I wandered off to get my copy of RE/SEARCH – Angry Women to make sure it was the same one. It was! MBH asked, slightly anxiously – “you’re not going to sell that, are you?”. I wasn’t, but it was definitely a turning point.


  1. “Do fetishists pay with rubber cheques?”

    Funniest damn thing I’ve read in weeks! Google says its original so why dont you just go down and trademark that, start a new magazine around the theme.

  2. Ha ha – I’m sure i can’t be the first to use it ever. But if any of you city boys want to bankroll a new magazine where I get to hang out with rubberists then that’s fine by me 😉

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