1. Everything I’ve ever read of Stewart Home’s I’ve found utterly irritating. It’s been a long time but isn’t it just violence fantasy dressed up as situationism?

  2. I haven’t read it yet, but yeah I think so! He’s less pulp and more experimental fiction these days. There is a link to a pdf preview on the myspace.

  3. John, mention my name to Stewart when you next meet ask him if he remembers me — I am sure he won’t remember me at all, because we were only close for under a year, when we both studied Art, Theology and Philosophy, Greek/Medieval mysticism etc together, probably over 25 years ago.

    He talked a lot about the WHITE COLOURS collective in those days — I still have his crudely scanned manifestos, which had immediate resonance for me, since they followed a kind of pugilistic , pugnacious Dadaist/Futurist ethic, but with his own inimitable angle. These were certainly no copyist manifestoes, and I recognized that fact even at the age of 18 or so. If I find my copies, I will send them to you. I think you’ll enjoy them, and who knows, he may not even have copies himself anymore!

    He was a lovely guy, and very,very smart. He told me he used to love posing as “a thick idiot” with his quasi skinhead appearance — and then laying people flat in debate once they’d taken the bait that he was just a “lumpen prole thicko” .

    A great strategy which I saw him employ a number of times in deeply serious debates on medieval mysticism and obscure Greek mystics and so on. Great to see in action! I saw him lay flat a few pompous upper middle class “intellectuals”, who were way too comfortable in their ivory towers.

    But we were little more than kids at the time….it was a long time ago!

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