1. John, surprised to see you selling that “Nu Roots inna Shoots” CD — I very much enjoyed the lyrics and calm vibes of “Clean Hands”, and also the album features one version of “Arrival”, with a downright surreal chant from Knatty P over the Disciples rhythm track….very funky, very nice…

  2. Yeah there are a couple of great tracks on there, but I don’t play it that often and I need the space and the money. Been going through a lot of the UK stuff recently and have been surprised by how much of it I can’t bear to part with, though!

  3. John, hold on to JUNGLE JUNGLE , WAR INNA BABYLON, and ARMAGIDEON MAN , surely !

    Those are all very heavy and intense, and you will regret it later, no?

    Is the TALK ABOUT LOVE 45 a cover of the old Rocksteady/early reggae tune?

  4. I like them all but I got 20 quid for each of the Irations and 8 quid for the Willy Williams and I don’t like them more than that! Yeah the Al Campbell is a recut of a tune which is on the Phil Pratt thing comp Pressure Sounds did.

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