“My advice to you all is to take your entire Death in June / Current 93 / Sol Invictus collections down to the Music and Video Exchange and swap them for a copy of THE LEATHER NUN’s “Slow Death” 12″. This record is PROPER Viking Industrial, the sound of AIK Solna’s infamous Black Army waving aloft the freshly decapitated skulls of failed folk musicians, bureaucrats and barmy mystics (ie- pretty much everyone in the Third Reich) as they roar forward on their Kawasakis of Ragnarok, kicking the beejayzus out of anyone caught playing with runes or indulging in ‘sex magick’!”

bti, today. With added Xylitol live review.


  1. Really?? I saw Leather Nun open for Echo & The Bunnymen in 1987 or 88 in Washington, DC. While I’d never heard of them (and can’t say I’ve heard anything by them since) I don’t remember anything as extreme sounding as what you’ve described. Was a long time ago though.. who knows.

  2. Hello Chris, I believe that The Leather Nun significantly softened their sound in the 1980s and became a commercial rock band. However, the “Slow Death” 12″ is completely different, it’s from 1979 when they were knocking around with junkie transvestites and playing their guitars so fuzzed up and distorted they felt like sandpaper.

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