1. Incidentally, it seems that whenever an industrial band gets pulled up on fascist imagery, content, etc, they immediately come back with “Well, if the fascists ever got in power, we’d be the first up against the wall – look at us, we’re outsider artists and so definitely not fascists.” Er, Hitler was an outsider artist too, you prats.

  2. interesting to see David Tibet being fingered – i didn’t know he’d been quite so involved with Wakeford et al but there’s always been something a little iffy about him. Most of his records suck balls too…

    One thing’s for sure, GPO would be first up against the wall in a far right state, so that must get TG off the hook 🙂

  3. It’s too bad he had to out and out make shit up to prove his point about Wakeford. Over in the righthand column he states in no uncertain terms that Waldteufel is an openly Nazi band, which is completely false. Being German, writing about German culture or singing in German does not equate with being a Nazi. As a friend of the band, and as a Jew, I find it unfortunate that Home is propagated this sort of libelous disinformation. That least he could have done was spell their name right before deciding to spread lies about them!

  4. Yeah, whilst I agree, or are at least agree that SH dredged up something worthwhile from the depths, it is pretty funny that he makes a point about the inability of TW to read and write and then he can’t even spell any of the alleged ‘Nazi’ bands names correctly. It is Von Thronstahl not Von Thronstahll. OK Sh has a personal axe to grind with Tony Wakeford (or maybe in true prankster style they are both sitting at home together, sharing a cup of herbal tea and launghing at all of us whilst we struggle with the titantic ‘is he or isn’t he a Nazi debate’) and we all enjoy a good spat of handbag face slapping / name calling, but Mr. Home is in danger of looking a like a silly boy when he brands every band in the ‘Neo-Folk’ movement as Nazis. Luftwaffe, Ain Soph, AIT!, Blood Axis, Von Thronstahl etc Nazis? This simply display ones ignorance in the entire ‘Neo-Folk’ genre. OK Homes does not like the music, but don’t go around calling everyone in the genre Nazis, that’s what bad boys do. PS Tibet made a record with Death In June entitled ‘1888’, now I am not a scholar of fascism but I suspect that means something to the people in those circles.

  5. PS. Also there is an interesting (mmm) debate (if you can call drunk / sad people posting on a blog that) around this on the podcast blog of Club Moral. Discussion centered around the ‘White Power’ cassette released by 15 year old (that being the key) Phillip Best (later of Whitehouse) in 1983.


    Also check Der Blutharsch, Der Feuerkreiner, Derniere Volonte, Deutsch Nepal, The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud, Alraune, Akitsa, Arditi, Wolfskin,Wappenbund, Turbund Sturmwerk, Projekt Thule, Rome, Maschinenzimmer 412 for music to set in motion the grooviest dreams.

    There is (was they are defunkt) a great harcore punk band from Japan called Sieg Heil. But guess what, their name translates phonetically in Japanse as ‘fuck off Americans’. Classics by them include ‘I Hate Crass!’. Hey what’s in a name? Huh? Ditto the American band Jewdriver, yeah you got it! Jewish band doing Screwdriver covers and songs such as ‘Wake Up & Bake’, ‘Dont Jew Me Like That’.

  6. Re.Enge’s point about Japanese bands — I have lived in the Far East ( Hiroshima, Seoul, all over ) for about ten years plus ( with brief returns to UK every 3 or 4 years ), and it’s true, they have a very different “relationship” to fascist symbolism from we Europeans.

    It’s not unusual to see people here in Korea wearing “fashionable” clothes emblazoned with Nazi symbolism. When I tell them what the imagery means, they don’t care either — the point is, for most of them, it has had little connection to their lives, in the same way perhaps, I knew quite a lot of people who, in the late 70’s punk time/early 80’s post punk time who wore T shirts with Japanese fascist symbolism on them, pics of Yukio Mishima, Imperialist slogans etc — it meant so very little to us at the age of 15 or 16, beyond being ” a good design”, or perhaps at best, being annoying to someone over 50 years old.

    In downtown Seoul there are a number of “fashionable” bars which feature Nazi themed decoration, done up to look like Hitler’s bunker….recently, some American Jewish GI’s complained, but I don’t believe anything was done about it….

    Now, if Koreans suddenly chose to wear JAPANESE imperialist imagery on their clothes, that would certainly cause a storm….

  7. From the Taipei Times

    Israeli diplomat slams HK bar for Nazi photos
    OFFENSIVE MATERIAL: For the second time this month, Israeli Consul-general Eli Avidar has protested the use of Nazi symbols, including swastikas and pictures, in the city

    Monday, Aug 18, 2003

    An Israeli diplomat yesterday slammed a Hong Kong karaoke bar for hanging photographs of Adolf Hitler and a Nazi execution on its walls, the second time this month that he has criticized the display of Holocaust symbols in the territory.

    “It is way beyond my understanding, how people can enjoy a drink and sing karaoke whilst viewing pictures of executions carried out by Nazi soldiers,” Israeli Consul-General Eli Avidar said in a statement. “The use of Nazi symbols in any way is wrong,” he said.

    Bar Pacific, which is popular among young locals, has been decorated with photographs of Hitler and Nazi soldiers for four years, the South China Morning Post reported yesterday. One of the pictures showed a Nazi soldier shooting a man on the edge of a pit already piled high with execution victims.Bar Pacific spokeswoman Eva Tse told the Post no one had complained in the bar about the photographs. “Customers enjoy it. It helps them know more about war,” she said. She told the newspaper that the bar was prepared to remove the execution picture.

    But this did not satisfy Avidar. “Removing one picture is not enough,” he said. “Hitler is the symbol of evil and crimes against humanity and he shouldn’t be legitimized in any way.” No one answered phone calls at Bar Pacific yesterday morning.

    Earlier this month, Avidar and German Consul-General Heinrich Beuth criticized a local fashion company for using swastikas and other Nazi symbols on its clothes and to decorate its stores. The firm later removed the items. Avidar told The Associated Press he planned to meet with Hong Kong government officials later in the week to discuss education in the territory about World War II. He said only education and public pressure could help people “distance themselves completely from symbols that portray evil, immorality and crimes against humanity.”

    In Asia, the issue of Nazi genocide tends to be overshadowed by the atrocities committed by Japanese troops who occupied much of the region, including Hong Kong, during World War II.

  8. Re: Tibet / C93 – it was all a Derek Griffiths LP ripoff, wasn’t it? Only with girl’s blouse vocals. I used to have that LP with the gargoyle on the cover, the anti-war poetry track was cringeworthy but slightly amusing.

    Re: Club Moral – boring tits.

  9. In fact, isn’t Club Moral’s claim to ‘scene infamy’ entirely based on the fact that they fell out with William Bennett over a magazine article that nobody read?

  10. Anathema23’s definition of a Nazi is possibly different to mine, and obviously if one is using the term in a restricted sense then one might say that only a member of the original NSDAP was a Nazi. However, most of us are familiar with the concept of the neo-Nazi, and the fact that when someone born in the second half of the twentieth century is called a Nazi the term is not being used in its original sense (i.e. a member of the NSDAP) and that the term Nazi is widely used in this broader sense and is understood as such to refer to a white racist with an unhealthy interest in twentieth century ‘Germanic’ politics and culture. Waldteufel aka Marcus Wolff have for example a publicly accessible profile on the Stormfront website, the logo of which is a Celtic Cross with words ‘White Pride World Wide’. On this site Waldteufel has posted many racist messages; “A people cannot be widely touched on a spiritual level by an endless cavalcade of bands like Jew Slaughter. We need a sense of self, not just a distaste for the other”. The word not ‘not’ indicates that Waldteufel is into hate as well as a ‘white’ identity. Many of Waldteufel’s comments make it clear he is an anti-Semitic white racist and his posts include many reductionist stereotypes of Jewish and Afro-Americans. Checking the info at http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php/stormfront-hit-110-000-members-104700p3.html at 3.20pm 10 July 2007, I located the following info about Waldteufel: “National Anarchist, Friend of Stormfront, Sustaining Member, Join Date: Sep 2003, Location: Baltimore, Posts: 728.” I call being a public member of Stormfront for nearly four years being openly Nazi and I feel my description is justified on this basis. Also please not that I understand Waldteufel has not kept his profile information up to date despite constant posts, and that he has moved from Baltimore to Portland. If Anathema23 doesn’t agree with how I define a Nazi in the in the period following the second inter-imperialist war, then she should explain how she defines the term rather than falsely asserting “had to out and out make shit up”. Indeed, this leads me to wonder whether Anathema23 is covering up for her friend Marcus Wolff, and if she is covering up for this racist scumbag why she would do this. It is also interesting that every time material is circulated about Tony Wakeford’s Nazi involvements, then names are changed on his website and information disappears.. Curiously, all references to Waldteufel were deleted from Wakeford’s site after I made my 4 July post mentioning them. Equally, now that I’ve explained my reasons for calling Waldteufel openly Nazi, it would not surprise me if Waldteufel/Marcus Wolff deletes his Stormfront profile; but even if this happens that doesn’t alter one iota the fact that Waldteufel/Marcus Wolff is a slithering piece of Nazi shit and if Anathema23 is not a Nazi then she should be ashamed of herself for defending him.

  11. Haha… Stewart, you are funny! I’m starting to understand your reasoning here… anyone who doesn’t agree with you or who points out that you are wrong is labelled a Nazi. Right on, my Jewish parents will be so proud to learn their daughter is a Nazi now who covers up for other Nazi scum in her spare time. I don’t suppose it ever occurred to you that anyone can sign up using any name they want for their profile on the Stormfront site? Pointing to one assholes profile on the web does nothing to prove who’s actually behind it, nor does it prove the fucked up accusations you are making about a talented, kind and tolerant person. I’ve known Markus for nearly 15 years and as far as I know he has never lived in Baltimore, though interestingly during that time he’s always known I was Jewish, and yet not once while graciously receiving me as a guest in his home has he ever tried to gas me while I was taking a shower.

    You are seriously off base here and making accusations based on your own personal opinions and dislikes rather than based on actual fact, and you sir are the one who should be ashamed.

  12. Furthermore, I don’t recall giving Stewart Home permission to use the comments I posted here at uncarved.org on his own website.

    Mr. Home, your use of my comment on your website only further goes to show that you have nothing real or solid to back up your claims. Using my comments in the manner that you have really just reveals your lack of any actual evidence. It also shows that you will grasp at anything to try and prove yourself right, despite firsthand, obvious accounts to the contrary. The people who actually know the person you are slandering know that what you are saying is false, it’s that simple.

    Even just a quick Google search pulls up some links leading to this person on the Stormfront site who you claim to be Markus Wolff is actually someone named Dan. They are not the same person. In the words of the accused himself: “Waldteufel is neither covertly or overtly Nazi”. Again, this is obvious to anyone who knows him and his work.

    You are really grasping at straws with your unfortunate smear campaign. I would think that someone in your position and with your experiences would have learned by now that not everything you read is true or exactly as it appears to be, and that not everyone you encounter on the internet is who they claim to be. It’s really too bad that you didn’t do a little more fact checking before making these baseless and harmful claims.

    Jon, I’m sorry to have wasted so much space on your website and I probably won’t be back to this thread to further engage this silly debate. Mr. Wolff doesn’t need me to defend him, his work and talents speak for themselves.

  13. so, let’s get the situation straight — I am in the middle of a very busy day, so didn’t have time to wade throught Stewart/Anathema’s lengthy posts — but it looks like Home has found someone *calling* themsleves Waldteufel on a nazi website — and presumed immediately that that poster is the actual guy who makes a lving selling “heathen” music.

    Well, I have to say, if that is the case, S.Home really should have taken a breath, stepped back and waited before he made his accusation. After all — Countless people use pseudonyms on website message boards. Eg, there was a Yabby Yu posting on BAF board etc…eeer….don’t think it was the same bloke! Knowwarramean?

    However, even if Home has identified someone wrongly — these guys can’t exactly whine about being called Nazis — they all flirt with Nazi/Nazi related imagery for a dollar — and then camply shriek and moan if called Nazis….C’mon lads, it ain’t surprising people think you are nazis….Alright, you can throw ya hands in the air all you like, and say “Noooooo, you’ve got it all SO wrong, can’t you seeee???? It’s all German ROMANTIC imagery from Kant,Schopenhauer, Nietzsche etc”…………

    Yeah, right……

  14. Will not comment on the lovers tiff erupting on this blog.. but Martin. Tut tut… I think you are being a tad harsh on Club Moral, their magazine ‘Force Mental’ made very good wallpaper for my BCBG outhouse. Out of historical interest, here is the said text (complete with typos and idiosyncratic grammar) titled ‘The Struggle For A New Musical Culture’, credited to William Bennet (as it is spelled in the mag) and printed on Page 9 of Issue 1 of ‘Force Mental’ (1982). Also on the page is an advert for the Whitehouse LP ‘New Britain’ and a picture of Peter Kurten (or whatever his name is).

    “It should be noted before continuing this article that in this work I turn not to strangers, but to those followers of the movement whose hearts belong to it and who wish to further its cause and study it more deeply. Less people are won ever by written matter than by what they see or hear. However, this will serve as a foundation and reference for new disciples.

    Come Organisation is concerned with the struggle against the unhealthy negroid influences in all popular music today. These primitive forms have corrupted many generations of youth, in music and in word. The slogans of ‘peace and love’ and international friendship in the songs of the 60s and the 70’s are nothing but the disguised voice of pseudo-Marxists. the cancer of this type of music has made such inroads that it sill take a supreme effort to destroy it forever.

    Nevertheless, its destruction is not enough – it must be replaced. In classical music we have the great works of Wagner and Richard Strauss, but nothing for young people who like ‘Pop’ and ‘Rock’. No! – The future must be embraced with both arms and a new form of power will be created which will win over the Anglo-Saxon youth for a New Britain.

    We must blame the corruption of the negroid music and the Jewish exploitation for the reprehensible movements today like Anti-nuclear, Amnesty International, and feminist groups, to name a few.

    The countries with strongest right-wing and nationalist forces in Europe are those countries where ‘Rock’ has made the least impression, I am thinking of Spain and Italy now, but there are other notable examples of the phenomenon. The political climate of young people today is moving away from us ; I hold the ‘Rock’ culture to blame.

    The music of Come Organisation artists fulfills a twin purpose – firstly, to crush the disease we have discussed and secondly, to express the new movement in terms of power and strength of will. It is almost totally electronic in nature, extremely uncompromising and sometimes violent in expression. But brutality is respected. People need something that will give them a thrill of attack and make them shudderingly submissive. Why babble about brutality and get indignant about violence?

    A recent released record ‘Leibstandarte SS MB’ ‘Triumph of the will’ juxtaposes a speech by Adolf Hitler with a powerful electronic piece by Maurizio Bianchi from Italy. This record has proved to be very popular especially in Britain and Germany. Other records will be released along similar lines.

    If we have the will, we will have the victories.”

    There you have it, as the priest said to the cowboy, a slippery snake oil ‘pitch’. There is a rebuttal to this piece in Issue 2 of ‘Force Mental’ by journalist Mark Ruyters which Club Moral dismiss in a side text as “he (Mark Ruyters) is not able to conquer his ‘disgust’ in favor of the critical conclusion that this (the WB text) is a stylistic formation and not a bunch of dangerous new rights”.

    Also interesting to note that (allegedly) Bianchi fell out with Bennett over the ‘Triumph of the will’ record. Something to do with the tendency, as was not uncommon with Come Org. for the label to ‘jazz’ up their pieces for ‘extreme’ marketing purposes. Remember reading somewhere, was it in the Bianchi box set linear notes?, the tale of this record, wherein MB sent the tapes to Come Org. for release and then ‘someone’ at Come Org added the Hitler speech to his music, retitled the LP and changed the name of the artist. First hing Bianchi knew about it was when he got ‘his’ record through the post… allegedly.

    Interesting, as I said…mmm… “stylistic formation”, huh?

  15. Hi Enge, maybe I am being harsh, I’m afraid that repetition of nazi shock tactics past the age of 16 tends to induce chronic boredom.OK, so at least English wasn’t Club Moral’s first language, but I don’t know what Bennett’s excuse was, that piece is awful. Again, what I find pathetic is the defensive whining whenever this sort of material’s questioned or confronted- ‘stylistic formation’ or not, these musicians can’t be so naive as to be surprised when people take exception to it.

    Yeah Bennett took liberties with the presentation of MB’s music though, from what I can gather, MB was a bit of a nazisploitation-monger himself (I don’t believe for a second that Sterile Records altered all the track titles and front cover of his 1981 ‘Symphony for a Genocide’ LP, for instance). However, I’d much rather listen to Whitehouse and MB than Dave Tibet gurgling on about the ‘little shining men’ or dead cats.

  16. This is Tony Wakeford own words:
    “Many years ago I was a once a member of the National Front. It was probably the worse decision of my life and one I very much regret. However, I have no connection with, sympathy for, or interest in those ideas nor have I had for around 20 years. A number of friends and musicians whom I work with (including my wife of 8 years), my bass player, my percussionist and engineer/producer, would be at best discriminated against or at worse dead if a far-right party took power. None of the artists I work with hold such views either, and I doubt they would want to work with me if they thought I did. I am willing to discus this matter privately with friends and associates and with those who are genuinely interested in my music or wish to work with me. However, this is the last public statement I plan to make on the subject. I am too fat to jump through hoops for people.

    In the end people will either have to believe me or not.”

    People can change you know.

  17. People can indeed change. And I doubt very much that Mr. Wakeford is still a “fascist”. As for his early involvement in the NF, I think that it had more to do with youthful curiosity, rebellion, and, certainly, a general disgust with the militant Left. I’m an American, so maybe I see things differently- and with more of a libertarian outlook- but I honestly don’t see the BIG DEAL that Internet gossip columnist Stewart Home is making over Tony’s political associations from 20 years ago. Frankly, Home’s relentless and obsessive smearing of DIJ, Sol Invictus & associates, and his neo-McCarthyist accusations (is this guy on a witch hunt or something?) are more indicative of true fascism or Stalinism than anything that Tony Wakeford has ever sung about or probably been involved in. And the personal attacks on Tony’s appearance, toilet, etc. are just plain mean and childish. Truly, is Home on a crusade to rid the music scene of (what he perceives as) “neo-nazism”, much like Joe McCarthy was on a crusade to rid America of alleged communists back in the 1950s? I see an obvious and unhealthy parallel. And Wakeford went so far as to admit his past mistakes- and it’s right on the Tursa website for all to see, and Home is still not satisfied! Just WHAT does Home want?: More confessions? Names and addresses of other former NF members? Or, maybe, a Nuremberg-style trial for all the neofolkies accused of using “fascist” imagery?! Enough is enough already…!

    As for Above the Ruins, I’ve heard all of their material (even the ‘No Surrender’ compilation track) and I can’t make out anything hateful or racist in the lyrics (a lot of neo-pagan and Nietzschean ideas, certainly, but nothing downright fascist or “racialist”). No doubt, it was bad decision by ATR to appear on THAT compilation alongside some of the worst Oi! bands in the world!

    BTW, have you ever bothered to read the lyrics to Sol Invictus’ song, “The Blade”? Tony has only harsh words for totalitarian ideologies- and those pathetic souls who follow such ideologies.

    Real fascism certainly exists and it is something that we should ALL be concerned about. But teenage boneheads listening to RAC/ Oi! garbage or “aesthetic fascist” types who prefer industrial or neofolk music are hardly a threat to anyone’s freedom! The TRUE fascism of today comes wrapped in a red, white and blue flag, neoliberal economic trends, and idiotic cowboy rhetoric about “enemies of freedom” in the Islamic World whom we need to bomb back into the Stone Age to suit big oil interests, the Likudniks of Israel and the American Empire. Now THAT fascism is all too apparent and close to home.

  18. Having lied about his past for decades, only Wakeford’s most ardent devotees would uncritically believe everything which comes out of his mouth. At the very least, Home’s article provides information about the original line up of Sol Invictus including outright neo-nazis. I would imagine that this would be of interest to even the most “libertarian” fans of the group. As will the information that he was involved with far right political violence. And indeed Boyd Rice’s assertion that Death In June / C93 were racialist groups. If this (and the rest of the article) has no bearing on people’s opinion of Wakeford and his music then that is a pity – but it is of course up to everyone to make their own choices. If you lie down with dogs…

    Similarly, Wakeford’s much quoted “statement” is only interesting for how little it manages to say. I am sure he thinks his NF membership was a mistake, not least because it may reduce sales of his albums. As the article states, he is happy to associate himself with fascists to this day. He was, until the publication of Home’s article, still selling the ATR album. The “statement” was only made as a result of external pressure, when it became clear that the game was up.

    Home has no power to rid the music scene of fascists, so the comparisons with McCarthy are absurd. It is quite evident from comments here that Wakeford’s income from his shit albums will continue. I have no doubt that there are some people who will revel in the dodginess of all this and like him all the more. More discerning people may have other ideas, however.

    Home is quite clear what he wants to achieve, but it seems like Sol Invictus fans have some difficulty with comprehension. Here is a direct quote from the article for them:

    “If Wakeford is serious about putting his ‘past’ behind him, he needs to stop lying and provide a detailed account of his involvement with fascism, including his very active participation in fascist violence and the Nazi ‘music’ scene. Once he’s done this and apologised for it, then and only then, it might be possible to take seriously any claims he might make about not being a fascist.”

    This blog seems to have inadvertently ended up being a message board for apologists for Wakeford. There is little new information emerging, other than the fact that these uncomfortable truths are winding up the right people. I am therefore closing my comments boxes for these entries. People who feel that they have something useful to add can contact Stewart Home directly.

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