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Expect Anything Fear Nothing – Seminar Online

At the beginning of March 2007 a seminar on the Situationist Movement in Scandinavia took place in Copenhagen. At this event artists, activists and academics met and discussed the Scandinavian branch of the Situationist movement and its ambition to renew society through art.

Today at the 50 years anniversary of the founding of the Situationist International (July 28 2007) we launch a website with all the presentations of the seminar as video streams. Watch the presentations by Jacqueline de Jong (NL), Karen Kurczynski (US), Stewart Home (UK), Thomas McDonough (US), Peter Laugesen (DK), Hardy Strid (SE), Lars Morell (DK), Mikkel Bolt (DK), Jakob Jakobsen (DK), Gordon Fazakerley (UK/DK), Fabian Tompsett (UK), Zwi Negator (DE) and Carl Nørrested (DK).

Go to http://destroysi.dk

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Mikkel Bolt and Jakob Jakobsen

Includes a great Stewart Home talk on punk rock, King Mob, the ultra-left in London, drug smugglers etc.

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