Woofah zine #1 coming soon


A number of us are putting together a new zine about reggae, grime and dubstep.

There are some amazing things in the first issue. It is nearly ready to go to the printers.

Hold tight all the contributors. More news soon.



EDIT: thanks for all your interest in the `zine. I should add that you will be able to buy it direct from the two sites above if you have paypal (and from me) and we are also hoping to get it into some shops and online distributors.

We have been plagued by a few last minute glitches which have been masterfully dispatched by Paul Meme and Droid. Massive respect to them for keeping their heads as I went into meltdown…


  1. Fair enough.

    Intl subscriptions then?

    We do our magazine both as a proper print mag and also simultaneously release the full content as a PDF – mainly so it has broader reach. Whilst the format is critical from a philosophical standpoint we are willing to sacrifice the format to get the content to more readers in some circumstances. Of course, being down at the other end of the world international shipping is inordinately expensive. We ended up shipping 2000 copies to Sonar in Barcelona a few years ago and it cost us $5K – totally unsustainable – but fortunately paid for by the export office of government on that occasion.

    I’ve noticed other much much bigger and commercially oriented mags are doing this now too – XLR8R, for example.

  2. That sounds like a good model Seb. I think we are going for a smaller scale, slightly fetishistic/cultish model at first… we really want it to be something people are obsessed with and have to hold in their hands, rather than having a more casual (and larger) readership. Plus we want and need to charge money for it. I personally think there’s a problem now with everything being available very easily…

    I like Cyclic Defrost though, and appreciate your comments!

  3. Looking forward to checking this, John. Would be well up for contributing, tho I bet you’ve already got the best people onboard already! Best of luck w/ this…

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