badman can’t touch heatwave

Heatwave have been tearing up London for a good while now with their clubnights and you will have caught me raving about their wicked England Story mix for Blogariddims (which is now seeing an official release on Soul Jazz in the near future!)

Their mash up records are really good as well I’m a big fan of their Lily Allen vs General Levy 7″. It seems quite easy to slash together some acapellas and some beats, but harder to actually make it work as a record. Needless to say – their ones are actually worth hearing more than once and have gone down great when I’ve played them out.

Proper party mixing, great selection of jump up bashment, reggaeton, jungle, you name it. Gabriel Heatwave also wrote the essential Badman Commandments for Woofah, which people have loved so much it’s becoming part of everyday parlance – “Badman don’t use Photoshop” etc.

Well! If you haven’t checked them yet, now is the time – they’ve just completely overhauled their website. It looks wicked and includes mixes for download, samples of the records, details of their nights and… a wicked looking blog.

Check it, bookmarkage and linkage are a must:

Next Heatwave night is Friday October 19th, featuring Roll Deep’s Riko on the mic alongside the resident MC Rubi Dan.


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