1. SIR – while reading the above post, I found it rather amusing that the picture features a shop emblazoned with ‘EROS’ (the Greek god of love), while the text reads, “She seemed completely in love with it”!!! Very funny, and well observed by myself, I may say!

    Perhaps I should win a prize?

  2. SIR – your above post reminded me of a very funny story about Berwick Street. When I moved over from the USA, as a student in 1969, I asked the fruit and vegetable stallholder if I could have a pound of tom-AY-toes. He clearly thought I’d said pot-AY-toes instead of tom-AR-toes. Imagine my suprise when I got home to make a cheese and tomato sandwich, but had to consume a ‘cheese and raw potato’ sandwich instead! My husband still finds this hilarious, nearly 40 years on.

  3. SIR – I think your readers will be interested to know that this headline caused me much consternation – as my name is indeed Berwick Street!
    Perhaps you should change the name of this blog to ‘FUN-carved’!

  4. As a former member of the now-defunct boy band Five, famous for groundbreaking musical work including the seminal 1998 single “Slam Dunk Da Funk”, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that you, Mr Uncarved, are a shabby and sordid disgrace. While, I and my former bandmates — Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, Jason ‘J’ Brown, and Sean Conlon — appreciate that life as an unpaid blogger must be difficult, we resent such scurrilous gossip and sensationlist falsehoods being spread about us in order to maintain your readership. Really, is there nothing you won’t stoop to? Please desist with these libellous attacks on us or we will have no other option but to sue. We would also appreciate it it you could change this headline, or better still, delete this entire website immediately.
    Yours furiously,
    Richard “Abz” Breen

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