lower end spasm.: blogariddims

I’ve somehow managed to get through the last few weeks without writing about the new series of blogariddims. Points off for me, but you’ve been on board this anyway, right? Eclectic one hour podcasts down the wire every fortnight.

Episode 28 is the bizness – mentalist Brazillian funk stuff which veers off into awesome retro territory about half way through. Courtesy of Greg Beatdiaspora, check these sleevenotes.

Episode 29 comes courtesy of grime urchins lower end spasm. A screwface tour through some impossibly hard to find early grime instrumentals and vocals. Their sleevenotes make the point that the music was never (and isn’t) just all about a handful of mouthy MCs. That – at its best – it’s about bangers as much as any other genre. But, unlike any other genre I know of, brilliant tunes are stacked so high that some of them only partially exist – blink and you will miss them. Forget hearing dancehall promos on rotation and just missing the sevens in the shop, this mix includes rips of mp3s which never saw release, that only existed as the backdrop for pirate radio interventions.

A perfect soundtrack to wandering through a bleak London weekend…