one nil in the class war – Jimmy responds

Jimmy Cliff

“One of my band mates called me this morning to tell me the news. I can’t stop them using the song, but I’m not a supporter of politics. I have heard of Cameron, but I’m not a supporter. I don’t support any politician. I just believe in right or wrong.

I’ve never voted in my life. But I’m from the lower class of society and I tend to support them rather than the upper class. It’s not that I don’t have friends or family in the upper classes – I do – but I always prefer to support the lower classes.”

(thanks to Ian on the blood and fire board for the link)

So that’s one in the eye for old Etonians who think that class is irrelevant, I think.

This article in the Observer points out that use of the song without permission from the publisher could get the Tories in hot (and costly) water.

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  1. Yeah, I laughed when I read that in the paper – If I didn’t live so far away I’d turn up for that LOL!

    Did anyone read that piece over the weekend on the ‘failure’ of Class War – I couldn’t decode whether the tone of it was smug, sniffy or affectionate – maybe it was me, or maybe the writer couldn’t decide himself.

  2. I quite enjoyed Bone’s autpbiog “Bash The Rich”. He’s really good a stirring people up and is very funny. I enjoyed this blog post, for example: but the responses underline the kind of problems afoot with alternative politics, pedantry, moralism, you name it. A lot of Class War is a bit “cartoon” but when the leader of the opposition is basically Lord Snooty, that is only to be expected. I’m not knocking “Bash The Rich” marches but there is no way I’m going down to Notting Hill to get hemmed in by the cops or worse.

  3. I might check out the big Meanwhile Gardens gig this Sunday, or some of it at least. As for ‘Bash the Rich’, add the fact that Ian Jack’s (is this the guy behind ‘Granta’?) making lazy asides about in the Guardian to a total lack of shock horror coverage in the red tops, and it all seems a bit cutesy and quaint. I doubt the cops will have much work to do on November 3rd, save tossing the odd drunk into the back of the van

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