out to all pasta rastamen

If you really think that “all JA seems to produce these days is drum-machine driven electro drivel with lyrics about busta-this and bling-that and batty-bwoy the other.” then you definitely need to check this one out:

Pure consciousness and niceness, 21st Century JA roots and reality reggae in the traditional style. Five highlights include:

Alborosie –   “Rastafari Anthem” – this is a guy who hasn’t put a foot wrong in 2007 and you can tell 2008 is going to be his year. Seriously. You could do worse than to go out and buy any 7″ you can find with his name on…

Lutan Fyah – “Save The Juvenile” – excellent upbeat tune in which Lutan demands that the badmen stop their badness and look after the next generation.

Nesbeth – “Board House” – the sad story of a rubbish day in which Nes’ house burns down as during gang war crossfire and his woman walks out on him. Is it miserable? Is it bollocks – proper grimacing through the pain before heading off to get shitfaced stuff.

Taurus Riley – “Pretect Your Neck” – proper old school skanking bizness, presumably inspired by Wu-Tang but you wouldn’t know it.

Mr Easy – “Strangest Thing” – Easy gets pulled over by the police for his weed, and just to rub it in, Mykal Rose is singing about his “stalk of sensimiella” in the background.

There are 18 tracks on the CD so everyone will have their own favourites (and my will change tomorrow). Some lightweight girl tunes included, but basically it’s a wicked roundup of 2007 seven inch releases (and probably some that never came out).

Plus it’s a double set – you get a DVD thrown in with some nice promos (Lutan and Nesbeth especially) and a short Alborosie documentary.

available on CD (£8.99) and mp3 (55p per track) direct from Greensleeves. Check the link for soundsamples as well.

Or add it to yer Amazon wish list for xmas, innit.

My top ten for 2007 will follow in another place shortly.