The Bug ft. Warrior Queen and Flowdan – Poison Dart (Ninja Tune)

Yeahhhhhhhh. Fanbwoy time again! Ha ha. He just keeps getting better and better I think. Skeng seemed almost impossible to top, but this latest release does actually manage that by broadening out a bit rather than going for the sledgehammer blow. Two twelve inches this time which lets Kevin Martin exercise his collaborative inclinations to the max. “Networking” has a horrible image of false grins and business cards offered in sweaty palms, but actually creating networks like those around the “Ambient” comps for Virgin, and his work with GOD, and of course at BASH, is “scenius” in action. Drawing dissidents together to plot and form new cells of resistance…

Warrior Queen is her usual uncompromising self and any hyperbole I write here is kind of redundant in the face of the video above – how cool is it to see a label getting properly behind this stuff and giving it a bit of audio/visual push?

The Skream remix ramps up the dubstep disco wobble bizness and comes across a lot cleaner than the original. I’m sure it sounds great over a big system mixed in with something else which has a slightly different wobble, but it kind of defeats the object of a Bug record for home listening in my book. Something for the young people, ha ha!

My promo doesn’t have the full Flowdan vocal mix on it, dammit, but there are snippets from it in DJ Baku’s megamix and they sound well up to Flo’s usual level of rapid fire malevolence: “Would it be wise to mess with the big money sound? … No I don’t think so. SHUT UP!” Baku seriously disrupts the juggernaut flow with his(?) turntablism – Warrior Queen and Flo come in and out of the mix in a ghostly duet. The slowly increasing sense of dread becomes more fragmented – you don’t know where the danger is coming from.

I’m also gaging to hear the South Rakkas Crew remix – the people who brought you the Bionic Ras and Red Alert acieeed dancehall riddims, talk about spoilt for choice…

Twelve 1

Twelve 2

Digital bundle release (including Skeng!) to follow…


  1. I think I like watching that Sonar clip more than I like listening to the actual record.

    Know what you mean about the Skream remix John, it’s a bit clean on its own but there’s a great moment on one of the recent Stella Sessions where he mixes the original into it perfectly, and then has another track underneath (I think it’s Coki’s ‘Road Rage’), and it sounds incredible.

    Just had a look for it, and it’s this set:

  2. Late to the train, but I got a ticket! Managed to score this 12″ at list price here in Tokyo instead of paying the silly prices its going for on ebay. Its the original mix that does it for me, gonna try and sneak it in on my usual dub/roots set this Saturday night and see how the crowd likes it.

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