1. But has anyone got the other track (the b-side) about the rasta falling in love with the guy “who’s parents got a lickle shop, selling food and beer”. May or may not be called VAT…

  2. Dunno about the flipside but I have found out why the artist is credited as Rinka:

    Keith becomes uncharacteristically coy when he records a night of lust with one of the biggest stars in British drama. He refuses to name her but teasingly reveals she was later honoured with the title Dame.

    He won her over with the bizarre story of how he came by his tattoo of a dog’s head and the word Rinka.

    Keith had it done in a fit of anger over Seventies Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe being found not guilty of plotting to murder male model Norman Scott, his alleged gay lover.

    In the drama leading up to the case Scott’s dog Rinka had been shot through the head. It was an odd chat-up line to a top actress but Keith reveals: “An hour later we were in her bedroom snorting amyl nitrate—her with a pair of headphones on, listening to opera, and me with my tongue all over her. And no, it wasn’t Judi Dench!”

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