Who say Prancehall favour Boy George?

PRANCEHALL on Dominic, a white MC who rocked up in JA in the 80s and ended up recording tunes with Jammys and Penthouse, includng this one:

…which is blatantly a rip off of “Cockney Translation” by Smiley Culture, but is saved by dint of Dominic’s ridiculous sub-“Minder” stylings. And of course Peter Metro, who recorded “Police In England” as if to return the favour. Interesting to note that, after the success of UK MCs in Jamaica in the mid 80s, England and London got picked up as lyrical themes by JA deejays.

There’s an interesting interview with Dominic here where he talks about doing a book. Basically I’ve always considered him to be a total blagger who lucked out in the end, but I don’t mean that in a bad way – it makes the story much more interesting and of course all the best reggae deejays have at least as much front as they do musical skill.

It’s a timely rediscovery in the wake of the success of people like YT, Gentleman, Alborosie et al in recent years. Funny how white people in reggae is still worth column inches, but white people in grime is generally accepted.

Prancehall’s comments boxes are always a hoot, so check them too. I also really like the way he parodies nerdy bloggers by starting every post with a little note about how he’s linking to some other site but he actually discovered what they did ages before (but has been too busy or forgetful to write about it). At least I think it’s a parody.


Anyway, his Anger is a Gift mixtape is still one of my favourite things of 2007, so go and download it today if you haven’t already. It’s a totally solid lash up of dancehall and grime with some brilliant specials on there from people like Ce’Cile and Jammer.


  1. Dominic! I was trying to remember him for that thread on ragga hip hop on Dissensus – he did at least one quite good early UK Hip Hop tune – had a great Vaughn Bode style graf cover. Of course, it’s been 15 years since I head it so it may be rubbish…. someone dig it out, eh?

  2. i may be wrong but i reckon he’s the domonic [sic], who’s on the b side of pecking’s ‘true confessions’ top cat 7″- called ‘white veteran’.

  3. I first remember Dominic from a small feature about him in now defunct ‘style mag’ The Face back in about ’87.
    He was rocking a mohair suit, a dollar sign gold ring and some nerdy national health type specs. I visited Jamaica in ’92 and received shouts of “Hey Dominic!” in the streets of Kingston. (perhaps due to my nerdy bins and whiteness). I would love to see a documentary about Dominic’s life done in the right way. I wish him luck and success.

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