Farewell Woebot

WOEBOT: Farewell

So it’s goodbye to Woebot – no more of them massive posts with huge amounts of scans and even more great comment, no more hugely ambitious projects like woebot.tv and well, all that.

I think it’s fair to say that in our little corner of the web a lot of people had been reading Simon Reynolds’ site, and then blog, but it was TWANBOC that played the bigger part in showing people they could do it themselves – Woebot just seemed a bit more accessible in some ways and proudly amateur in the sense of not being a paid journo / published author.

In his usual style, Paul Meme weighed in early with an arsey email.

The various interblog posts which followed from Heronbone, K-Punk, silverdollarcircle, gutterbreakz, the original soundtrack, skykicking (and my and Paul’s efforts) were in retrospect golden times for me and t’internet. Lots and lots of great blogs followed.

And when the sidebars all got a bit unwieldy, Dissensus came along…

So, respect where due.


  1. I reckon that email is why Matt’s jacking it in – even after all this years, it STILL smarts.

    Paul – what have you done, you muppet!!

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