warped by dub

‘People get warped by Dub and reggae and they never recover.’

“When I found that the government had unilaterally decided to make my identity open source, I started to have all sorts of nightmares about being spammed or stalked, of turning into a laptop and being stolen when I’d been left in a car overnight. Today I woke up screaming, thinking my whole family had been digitised onto some CDs which got lost in the post

Over time I’ve begun to forget who I am. Perhaps the whole idea of an “identity” was a ploy – a way of making me believe I was an individual who needed to buy certain things, to buy into certain things to differentiate me from other people. Maybe my ego only existed in the chip in my credit card. Maybe we were all just the same DNA, floating about in the soup.

Maybe my identity was actually stolen years ago…”

[with thanks to pacef8 at Chatty Mouth for the scan…]


  1. I love the idea of something bringing this up in the Commons and using hand gestures to indicate the quote marks around ‘dub’…

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