DanceCrasher BLOGCLASH!

Tim P in reggae blog roundup sensation

Luscious pouting Tim P of Tighten Up fame gives the lowdown on his favourite blogs covering reggae, dancehall and a bit of grime (huh? I thought it was all rocksteady cool runnings over there?!). It’s going to go off! There are already signs of certain mp3-sharing reggae blogger scumbags shuffling about outside the arena…

Anyway, you can vote for your favourite.


Or indeed for Dancecrasher itself if you want to keep in with Tim and get him to big you (or your crew/”ends”) up on the mic in fake patois* at the next Tighten Up night which takes place on March 7 at a brand new venue, Rhum Jungle in Islington, London, EC1.

Heatwave**, Prancehall*** and Computerstyle**** are clearly in the runnings for the crown in this contest. Surely the winner should be given a residency at Tighten Up? Please comment to this effect on Tim’s blog, it’s only fair.

** Full page ad on the back cover of the new Wire for their England Story comp!

*** This entry about Photek’s Hertfordshire accent re-emerging after a decade of cockney ‘ows yer farver is very funny.

**** See Per’s write up of World Clash 2007.

[NB: Tim P doesn’t actually big people up on the mic in fake patois. Sorry.]


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