Mondo Mythopoesis: Psychogeography after situationism

21 FEBRUARY 2008
176 Gallery, 176 Prince of Wales Road, London NW5 3PT. Entry details tba.
Stewart Home lecture: “Mondo Mythopoesis: Psychogeography after situationism. A talk emphasising the non-literary aspects of psychogeographic practice with a few asides about writer Iain Sinclair’s role in popularising the term.”

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  1. yeah kind of, apparently the talk will focus more on groups of people like the Association of Autonomous Astronauts, Luther Blissett Project and London Psychogeographical Association who used psychogeography for a variety of purposes, not many of them anything to do with art. For example, see this:

    Anyway it looks good and it would be great to see you there, infinite!

  2. “emphasising the non-literary aspects of psychogeographic practice”

    I like the sound of that. And I’ve been on a Sinclair kick for quite a while. I’d be keen to hear about this afterwards if you get a chance.

  3. oh it was a groove, but never trust that geezer, he actually spent an hour talking about the best way to cook macaroni, using the gaps in his 2002 remake of the film “Screams In Favour of de Sade” – that consists of 12 minutes of TV colour bars with him talking in his boring monotone south London accent about Neoism and suicide and stuff, and an hour of black with silence cut in between the bits of colour bars (which is the bit he talked in)…

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