decisions, decisions

Looks to be a great weekend for Londoners…

Friday sees the first night of this:

Organised by bass comrades (and Woofah contributors) Lower End Spasm. Bok Bok has done a little five minute promo mix for the night you can grab here. All Sarf Londoners should head down there, it will be wicked.

Then on Saturday, some serious decisions have to be made, with the return of the legendary:

over Wembley way. Tempting though that is, I am also wavering on:


Iration Steppas will be bringing the entirety of their eye watering sound system down especially for the Deviate crowd. Benga will then be playing an exclusive set on the Iration system (London first)

Hmmmm. Or:


  1. I’m wavering on Shaka. Desperate to see him but should we be being 3000 about this and seeing Benga on the Iration rig?

  2. Yeah, you’re right. I can’t wait. One of my mates went to a graffiti battle and I ridiculed her for about 15 hours so if I went to one and she found out…

  3. Oh for fuck’s sake, I was looking for a quiet night.

    You definitely going to Shaka, John? I’m dj-ing in Leytonstone till midnight, so getting to Wembley could be a challenge..

  4. There’s also the next On-U Sound night at the Cock Tavern as well.

    This is daft.

    To be honest, I’m probably going to reach 93 Ft East – it’s a lot nearer to where I’m going to be anyway..

  5. got a Time Out Listing, is all I’ve seen.. It’s Sherwood, Noah and Head Charge and some other fella. Guess it must be monthly then..
    What with Aba last night, all a bit lively.

    Enjoy Shaka my friend

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