things I will attempt to do this week

invoicing for Woofah / lots of scanning / dump stuff in charity shop / water newly planted (not by me) vegetables / listen to the new blogariddims podcast / get technics deck fixed / transcribe an interview tape / review Downpressor’s record he sent me ages ago / purchase mixtapes by Jammer, Tinchy Stryder and the new Ruff Sqwad 12″ on no hats no hoods oh and a copy of ‘Smell of Female’ by The Cramps / finish reading Jason Toynbee’s slightly too academic Bob Marley: Herald of the Postcolonial World / answer all my emails, texts, private messages / watch Barbarian Queen featuring Lana Clarkson / start on sleevenotes for next blogariddims with Paul Meme / get to these:


  1. I’m doing DC I think. Are you going to Visions tonight John?

    Can one of the cloned Johns have clov’n hooves instead of feet? I think that would be cool, and since everyone at DC ignores anyone over 22, no one will call you out on it.

  2. You need to get your daughter to turn a cardboard box on it’s side. This will provide a laboratory for pretty much any aspect of wyrd science. Just don’t end up in some kind of Jeff Goldblum situation with your cat.

  3. Oh seen. What have you done with her? Or did she use a carboard box to teleport away from you, stern disciplinarian that you are?

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