This week’s two essential grime downloads

As Wiley jogs casually up the UK Top 40 with Wearing My Rolex, it’s heartening to see the grass roots crew upping the levels for the hardcore.

1. Boy Better Know – Microphone Champion vol 1

mic_champ_vil1_cd.mp3 –

1 hour 4 minutes and 10 seconds of grimey biz from Jammer, Skepta, JME, Frisco, Shorty, Slickman on the mic and DJ Maximum on the decks. Loads of great new music and great new lyrics. For free!

Bonus points – what is that faint echo of a foundation reggae riddim at 45:44?

Via Hyperfrank.

2. Logan Sama – One Away Style




Logan is like the David Rodigan of Grime I guess – his Kiss FM show is certainly a focal point in the week like Roddy’s is. Here is a selection of his specials for download, including Matterhorn doing Dutty Wine – but more importantly a whole swathe of grime’s VIPs singing his praises on custom cut versions of their big tunes – I tried to list them all here but it just looks stupid like that. Grab it!

Last week’s essential download was Blogariddims 40 by Paul Meme and me.


  1. Thanks for those. Save me having to trawl though the grime thread on Dissensus. ‘Wearing my Rolex’ is unbelievable cack though. Cant see that its success is anything to do with grime, more like one of Wiley’s sad crossover attempts finally hitting the dartboard…

  2. Haha snap, I just posted something almost identical (except I still haven’t had time to d/l Oneaway Style yet..) been a great fortnight for grime lovers!

    Personally I see WMR as the musical equivalent of entryism. Seriously!

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