Tighten Up RIP: 1999-2008

So farewell Tighten Up. You were that rare thing – a regular reggae night on my doorstep which wasn’t full of trendies OR earnest trainspotters (mostly!). Plus you had some wicked guest selectors and flyers. Many good times were had – and many nights were spent cursing ourselves for not going.

Memorial interview with TU’s Mista Brown over at Soulbrew’s

Interview with the legendary Chris Lane over at Soulbrew’s. Chris was one of Tighten Up’s guest selectors and played a blinding set of ska and rocksteady. He was also the co-head honcho at the legendary Fashion Records and co-founder of Dub Vendor.

Get yourselves down on 6th June and pay your respects.

Big up Tim P, Mistah Brown and Champion – time well spent from where I am sitting.