Wilfred Limonious: Crude Boy!

I managed to pick this wicked LP up for a mere fiver in an all too rare trip to an actual record shop last week. Which shop? Ha! I’m not telling you that, are you mental?

Anyway – it’s outstanding mid-80s business, George Phang production, Sly and Robbie, Willi Lindo, all crew doing-over hard versions of Studio One riddims. Josey is in fine form on the title track, “Throw Me Corn” and “Freeze Who Goes” especially but it’s all good.

And, well, yeah – a mad cover by Limonious, the famed JA illustrator who had an eye for the laydeez. The back cover gets psycho-sexual with a scantily clad lovely threatening to cut off Josey’s “you know what” if he leaves her for another girl…

I don’t have that much Limonious artwork ‘cos I try to get 45s rather than albums from that era, but there is a fair bit about him on the net now:

ยป Limonious ยป Crude Boy

Myspace tribute page (including audio of the only record he ever sang on himself, which is pretty good! and a gallery)


The toss can be argued about the artistic worth of his pieces, or whether people like them cos of their exocticism. I think I just like the mad colours and the crazed cheekiness…


  1. A fiver! You were done. I picked that one up in Sonic Sounds for JA$250 (about ยฃ1.70)!

    Coincidentally enough, I just snapped a load of dancehall sleeves featuring a few very early Luminous covers.

  2. I think my fave felt tip flex is the Lone Ranger – M16 cover. Don’t know who the artist is but it has Lone Ranger chisling the title out of a massive chunk of rock with semi-automatic machine gun.

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