Saxon pon the Southbank


A nice sunny day by the river in the best city in the world, with the best soundsystem in the world. You can’t say fairer than that eh? Nice crowd of people including Danalcapone, Kevin Bug, Gabriel Heatwave and many many more.

The event was part of Massive Attack’s stab at the Meltdown festival and I reckon they did pretty good overall. Mark Stewart was wicked last week, doing two sets either side of the atrocious Stiff Little Fingers. Reports indicate Grace Jones was on top form, and that the acoustic reggae night was awesome.

Yesterday Trevor Sax kicked things off with a nice one drop selection, which got progressively deeper. Then the MCs took to the mic – Papa Levi, Colonel, Sandy and Rusty all present and correct (but no Tippa…)

They flashed some old lyrics, they flashed some new lyrics. Levi did all of “Mi God Mi King” acapella style. The audience went a bit mental, with the old Saxon soldiers chanting along to all the classics and bemused passersby getting sucked in to some proper London culture.


Daddy Colonel did a nice speech about how the fast chat style spread out from London to JA, to hip hop to grime and how people should be proud of London, proud of where they are from.

There were a few technical hitches with a bit of mic feedback and the breeze blowing against the turntables, but the vibes was high and the sound was booming.


Trevor took over after the display of lyrical gymanstics and flung down some classic Jammys riddims, also stuff like joyride, greetings riddim and a Super Cat medley before finishing off with a whole heap of Johnny Clarke dubplate specials.

I got so excited I even filmed a bit of Rusty on my camera:


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