Round Up

Not enough hours in the day right now. A few things planned, maybe. Maybe not, the sun’s out!

Stuff to read:

Rahul Verma on UK MCs, the Caribbean and rave culture | The Heatwave Blog – dancehall reggae and bashment

Bevin Fagan RIP (Matumbi singer passed away in April…)

BEYOND THE iMPLODE: July Watching Post

Bridget Penney interviewed about her book Index by Stewart Home

Demo against “Estates Plus” at Hackney Town Hall, 23 July

Stuff to buy:

The Bug – London Zoo (woah!)

Showcase Part 1 Roots Garden UK 12″ (superb modern roots mini album produced by Mannaseh)

Musically Mad – DVD (UK Reggae Soundsystem documentary)

Sub/Version 013 – Vile Enginez: Cycadelic 12″ (from Praxis sub label)

Devotional Dubz 12″ – single of the week at Boomkat (Paul Meme running tings!)

Stuff to Hear:

IGrime podcast by Aza T, number 1 featuring Durrty Goodz and Logan Sama!

Blogariddims 43 / Deep in Bludgrooves by Sir Loris of Crowthorne

Immediate Sounds @ The Others, N16 (July 2008) | The Heatwave Events – dancehall reggae and bashment
(new Heatwave night playing “JA rave music” in Stoke Newington, includes preview mix for download).

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