Credit Crunchin’

credit crunchie

A guide to the language of economics and recession as it relates to workers, as opposed to abstract mystifying jargon. – by the UK based Wildcat group, from the last time around (early 1990s)

Credit crunch whacks Industrial in the wallet. – Beyond The Implode, in tribute to my latest ebay auctions (which finish Tuesday evening, UK time).

“I am getting new commissions from people who want to mark these times,” she said last week.
“One wants all the cuttings about the collapse of Lehman Brothers imposed on a picture of a naked model. I can’t possibly mention names but he is a rival banker.

The Times (Via Idle Rich on Dissensus)

“The economic crisis today can be a fertile soil for the further growth of workers’ solidarity and class consciousness.”

Music will be better, only the rich bankers will suffer, there might be a revolution blah blah blah. Or there’ll just be lots of people forced to go through all kinds of hideous shit and some students will dick about outside a shopping centre in the square mile.

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