You’ve all been caning the “London Zoo” album, right? One of the releases of 2008 in this house, for sure. Full review from me in the soon come Woofah 3.

Interesting feature in the new downloadable Xlr8r mag with Kevin, Warrior Queen and Flowdan.

Ganja/Flying single now out on mp3 and 12″ via Ninjatune.

Ganja is on the London Zoo album and is essentially a sonically fucked up reversion of the Weedman tune on Roll Deep’s “Rules and Regulations” mixtape. Didn’t it also come out alongside The Bug’s collab with Tippa Irie, the excellent “Angry”? Maybe that was strickly digikal release though.

Anyway, Ricky Ranking’s “Flying” is worth the price of admission alone – proper pared down minimalism with that edgy intensity no other fucker can carry off. Which brings us to…

King Midas Sound 12″ on Hyperdub. Yeaaaaaah.

Not managed to get this yet, which is pretty stupid considering how long I have been gagging to get hold of some of the KMS stuff.

And apparently The Bug will be supporting Nine Inch Nails during some of their US tour. Heh heh. Great news, but I do wonder how that will go down with some of the more, ah, metallic elements of the NIN fanbase…

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  1. At least half of the NIN crowd couldn’t handle David Freaking Bowie when they toured together 10 years ago. Can’t say I would really want to see the reaction with The Bug; it might be too depressing.

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