Yeah, two years since the last one – but a few things got in the way innit!

Check me playing some records and yakking about them.

Feedback welcome. More things of this nature planned…

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  1. MATT B says:

    listening to this at work, happily whistling along to ‘lorna banana’, before spitting coffee over my desk.

    as always, a joy.

  2. GUTTER says:

    yay nice whan john. fuck it i’m gonna do a radio show again too..

  3. PALE RIDER says:

    nice! big tunes! more please

    all the best from nashville

  4. JOHN says:

    Well thank you all! It’s still a bit rough and ready but I like doing it – be nice to get some of this done more regularly…

  5. GREG says:

    From Situationism to psychogeography, to punk-funk and reggae — only on Uncarved …Nice one John.

  6. MARTIN says:

    When DJs go bad…it’s that heartbreaking moment when you get the LP home and realise it’s a completely different(rubbish) mix and that you should have just bought the 12″/7″ instead…

  7. BAREBONES says:

    what headphones at work were invented for

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