Unity represses

Unity Sounds 7″ repress over at Juno.

Quite an interesting development – the originals were all twelves, but this is a good way of getting the tune and the version out there. The five quid price tag suggests either that this stuff will only get bought by serious selectors and collectors (as with those recent Peckings sevens) or that the financial crisis means that the cost of vinyl is spiraling out of control.

I won’t be getting this because I already have the tune and version on the peerless “Watch How The People Dancing” compilation put out by Honest Jon’s. But I will be watching with interest to see if Unity:

a) Repress some other tunes not on the compilation
b) Maybe revoice the old riddims with new vocalists?
c) Maybe do some new riddims?

All of which are a mouth watering prospect.

Assuming it isn’t a bootleg, that is, in which case I take it all back 😉


  1. I remember when these first came out — was it circa 1986? I got my copy of WATCH HOW THE PEOPLE DANCING from a Green Lanes reggae store ( Comet records? quite near Quaffs, Stroud Green? Memories dim now).People into roots in the mid 80’s just did not accept these records at all on any terms,I remember that.The division was absolutely very firm — lines were perhaps crossed when Ray Cheddie brought out seventh seal ( Is that the name?) , then with records like sound iration etc., and their cross over with dub funk’ers, Push etc in North London/Mannaseh etc.

    At least that’s how I remember it…..over 20 years ago now.

    I like the simple but massive bass lines/frequencies.

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