“where is the dub?”

“I went to the first FWD>> […] but to me it was just a load of boys hopping on one leg like a Jungle rave. It was good production, nice if you’re smoking, but not enough going on – and I didn’t get where the dub was. Dub to me is Shaka…”

Noodles interviewed in the new issue of The Wire.


  1. come to nashville on the 29th and i’ll play you dubstep but also iration steppas, jah warrior, gussie p, jah tubbys, jahtari, some choice dennis bovell and mad professor productions – but then i’m a reggae guy

  2. Thanks for the tip off pale rider – I will definitely reach if I find myself in the area, but this seems unlikely barring UFO abduction… 😉

    Maybe do an online mix sometime? That will keep me AND bill happy.

  3. Mick Harris said something similar about dubstep on his myspace blog a few weeks ago.

    I’ve yet to have my dubstep “epiphany” but I haven’t been trying very hard (skint). I did like some of that Shackleton stuff my mate played me a while back though.

  4. spose thats why he has no problem baiting it up with his ridiculously stale new dpr releases and shameless cash-in represses then..

  5. not really, the new ones are just the same as everything else, thats whats sad about it. identikit dubstep from such a pivotal figure…

  6. i have two rough mixes here (rough meaning mixed live by a musician not that great a dj):

    the newer one at top has 2 dubstep tracks – i’m just getting in some dubstep on vinyl, will be working in more from box of dub 1 and 2 this weekend. i’ll post a new mix next week with all that

    thanks for listening and great blog

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