licking stamps, listening to ipod

…was mainly spent in the post office and drinking (tho not at the same time). It amazes me how many people come out of the woodwork this time of year who have no idea about post office etiquette. Like, yes, you have to bring your own box for the things you are sending – and n0, it isn’t ok if you wrap it all up while we wait in the queue.

I take my post office and distribution role very seriously. Hell, I’ve even introduced some new security since the new issue of Woofah was printed. All issues are now guarded by our fearsome kitty-guard whilst sitting in the postroom at Woofah HQ:

I’ve sent out over a hundred copies of Woofah issue 3 over the last week and about 400 have gone to distributors. So now is the time to grab yourself a pre-christmas treat if you were hesitating. Buy direct or from our recommended stockists.

Whilst waiting in line to be served by the nice ladies (and gentlemen) at the P.O. I have had a chance to catch up with some podcasts and stuff:

Mr Trick and Wrongtom do a podcast for Resonance FM (who should let them on the airwaves again!). Really great eclectic tunes and some excellent chat – I really like the interplay between the two and it’s quite relaxing to listen to people speaking about music for a change rather than seamless mixes. Their xmas speciall went up today, so check that out if you want to feel festive. Paul STN brought this to my attention because the Hertfordshire accent of one of the duo reminded him of me.

Grievous Angel – 4×4 Hell Mix – Paul Meme brings the garridge flava with some great warm basslines and even the odd snatch of Burning Spear vocal. Great stuff for warming up.

Dusk+Blackdown+Trim: Rinse FM show. Nuff said, really! A rare return to radio for Trimbal.

Cassava Outernational: test press for Hiders show mix – some Rhythm & Sound, reggae and dubstep, exquisitely blended. Pale Rider flagged this up in the comments boxes here, so out to him.

Wiley vol1: compilation of the man’s finest moments on pirate radio.

Sufferah’s Choice – DJ Stryda, denizen of UK Dub and the Bristol reggae scene. Radio show from Passion FM – this episode featuring Mark Iration in characteristically lively form.

Still to hear:

Heatwave’s best of 2008 mix for FACT Magazine

D Double E – Grimetapes comp similar to the Wiley one above.



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