Other 2008 music


Albums that everyone reading this must own:

The Bug – London Zoo (Ninja Tune)

Naphta – Long Time Burning (The Fear)

Kevin’s album has deservedly torn up the end of year polls. Brilliant to see him getting some recognition at last – hopefully this can act as a calling card for UK soundsystem-inspired musics and p u s h  t h i n g s  f o r w a r d…

Speaking of which, Naphta’s album snuck out at the beginning of the year to the delight of those that know, but that isn’t enough. Check it.

Friends making awesomely skewed songs:

Giant Paw – Flood

The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – Stephvenson

The Paw’s gigs have been great fixtures in my social calendar for a couple of years now. Album coming in Spring 2009. “The Men” are probably the first Norf London victoriana steampunk band.

I know it’s only rock and roll, but I like it:

V/A – Songs The Cramps Taught Us Vol 1

The Cramps – Off The Bone

Unexpectedly got into all this again and hope to carry on next year. I’m fucked if I’m growing a quiff tho.

Daft pop music (boys):

Wiley – Wearing My Rolex

Dizzee Rascal feat Calvin Harris & Chrome – Dance Wiv Me

It’s been discussed to death but if our best MCs have to make pop tunes to get in the charts, then fair play to them if they are as good as these. And yes, half of Wiley’s ‘Grimewave’ would be top ten material in a fairer world.

Daft pop music (girls):

Estelle feat Kanye West – American Boy

Rihanna – Take A Bow

I baulked at the other half lashing out 20 quid on “Now That’s What I Call Music 70” in a service station but it saved the car journey we were in the midst of and has been the soundtrack to many weekends since.

Righteous Compilations finally giving respect where respect is due:

V/A – An England Story (Soul Jazz)

V/A – This Is Lovers Rock (Greensleeves)

Here’s hoping for more stuff of this calibre in 2009. Especially the historification of UK MCs. And that compilation of Jah Tubbys’ back catalogue I keep praying for.

Reissues that prevented many from going bankrupt:

Aisha – The Creator 7″ (Ariwa)

Martin Campbell – Wicked Rule 10″ (Log On)

Far be it from me to suggest that  – between Ringo asking for comments from producers for his UK Dub Top 30 in Woofah, and the mag coming out – some of these long lost tunes finally resurfaced…

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