1. Nice one John, appreciated those links — I loved the comic art adaptatons of Hulk, Dr Strange etc, however, some of the art sloganeering is plain silly, especially the “If you don’t like lead you are already dead” rhetoric. Middle class men glorifying guns. Sad. I thought the Americans did that ( they still do, usually right wing white Americans too). Otherwise, fantastic — I remember seeing that “work sleep eat” graffitti in the mid/ late 70’s, which fitted so well with the punk vibrations of that time. There was a similiar comment on a bridge on the Oxford to London motorway , which is gone now. I remember another one ( in Shepherd’s Bush?) saying something like “How many more rivers to cross until we see the boss — Dr Alimantado, Sons of Thunder….” Soemthing along those lines….anyone remind me, or have a scan of it?

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