uncarved.org reader features on BBC Radio 4 “Today Programme”

stewart strikes the pose like there's nothing to it

Stewart Home’s comments below have lead me to discover he has a new blog here: http://www.stewarthomesociety.org/blog – check it out for the usual mayhem and bewilderment (especially in the comments boxes).

It includes this entry about his recent appearance on BBC Radio 4’s flagship “Today Programme” discussing the role of the avant garde in the 21st Century. Also featured are novellists Hari Kunzru and Tom McCarthy, both of whom I have met, oddly. So along with Dr William Henry aka Lez Lyrix that is 4 people I’ve had something to do with on the Today Programme in recent months. Perhaps that’s just a sign of getting old.

The blog also features a piece on Iain Sinclair’s recent tie-in with Audi and speculation about whether he is the author of the Belle du Jour book and blog. I have previously written a piece here regarding the speculation about whether Stewart himself is the mysterious author…

And finally, don’t forget to keep checking http://stewarthomesociety.org/new.htm for details of articles Stewart has added to his website.


  1. Hey John you’re a groove sensation and the person above is just some confusionist pretending to be me! Don’t believe the hype! And if you don’t believe me just check the link you get by hovering above his name or even clicking on it!

  2. I just listened to the show — the presenter sounded like a totally condescending,privileged, smug wa***er, saying something along the lines of “Of course, you aren’t very well known are you Stewart?”

    In Home’s position, I would definitely have to had to hold myself back from taking the piss out of the idiot. Needless to say, both the other guests with ( ahem) “superior insight into the avant garde and subculture” and a mockney twang, were Oxford Uni graduates — large areas of the media are a closed shop unless you are well connected or have attended LSE/Oxbridge /St Andrews etc.

    It’s such a load of wank, and a set up, loaded dice game.

    Long may you continue to poke a stick in their eye Stewart, and annoy their controlled show — more strength to you.

  3. Some years ago I managed to blag a job doing the audio mix for a few TV programmes that included, amongst other trash, the odious ‘A Place in the Sun’ property show. Now in order to relive myself of the associated guilt of working on such dreadful material I experimented with inserting various subliminal messages into the audio track, I won’t go in to too much detail regarding these experiments, but I will say that the christmas edition of the show features the voice of Mr Home commanding the listeners to “storm the yuppie homes” at a reasonably audible level during a rather rocking-out (for such a show) guitar instrumental piece. So it may be true, as the smug wanker quoted above by Greg mentions, that Mr Home may not be very well known by name alone, but I can vouch that many people have (consciously or not) heard the warming tones of Mr Home coming out of their TV sets.

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