Gussie P interview

Culture Reggae once again – a great interview with one of the main guys behind so many of those amazing Fashion productions .

Junglists are you ready?

“We used to put accapellas on records so that people could take it and put it on a different beat. It was a blessing in some ways. ‘Push Up Yu Lighter’ was one of the biggest Jungle tunes, so it keeps Top Cat alive and I still get some money off it sometimes. But in other ways it was a nightmare because people took it and changed the name. People who should have been representing us weren’t. You end up going in someone’s office, who had nothing to do with the tune, and they’ve got a gold record for it on the wall!”


Also great to hear Gussie is exhuming his “Recession Beater” series. These were seven inch singles which played at 33 and had two tracks on each side – a 12″ for the price of a 7″!

Some great tunes as well – the always brilliant Daweh Congo, for example, and Roman Stewart’s “Mount Zion” spring to mind. Also some murderous dubs and horns cuts.

But one thing I have been thinking of especially in recent times is the rather literal Recession Beater logo:



  1. I was going to do a post on the recession beaters re-emergence- got hold of r. stewart’s shashamane land fairly recently, but you do it better, innit.

    I think Channel 1 (JA) did 33rpm 7″s in the late seventies (similar period to discomix 12″s), but they didn’t sell due to poor sound quality. My 7″s fine though.

  2. its a little thing but its nice to see a big 33 on the center paper. Wish every label did this. Anyone of you who’ve cue’d up something at the wrong speed know knows what I mean.

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