1. Rock on Tommy! Erm, I mean John… For some reason I’ve been all retro today and have been listening to the likes of The Downliners Sect, The Action, The Smoke, The Equals and right now P. P. Arnold…. (If You Think You’re) Groovy….. I know the show will be a blast!

  2. Any chance of a track list? I really liked the one before the Macka B track (I’m pretty sure it was that one).

    Great to know the spirit of John Peel lives on, technically, too…:)

    That avant garde woman at the start of the show was pretty mesmerising too…

  3. Yeah it was great – see the new post on the subject. Martin – the tune you liked is probably Raymond Naptali – On My Way. Quite hard to get hold of, but a proper TUNE – Crofton from I-ality Hi Fi told me about it “I was on my way from Stoke Newington, going to the place called Clapton…”

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