rougher yet

5:30pm, City of London.

Quiet. No traffic, no noise. There is your actual reduction of carbon emissions.

LeaveĀ  your car and suit at home, maybe stay there yourself. It could be like a little holiday.

Two blokes with plummy voices discuss capitalism on the way home, no way of knowing if they are dressed down bankers or protestors.

Gresham Street is streaked with horse manure, just like old times.

The police have blocked off the roads to Bank. Small groups of workers and punks hang about, waiting for something to happen. One guy just stands up and walks determinedly towards the police line and is arrested. Sits down in the road and is dragged off.

I head down the labyrinth of back alleys.

Laughing: “They were the worst kind of social reprobates, the dregs”

Angry: “They were just thugs basically, I hope they…”

They’ll be talking about this day for years.


  1. Interesting to hear your take… I was around more in the middle of the day and a lot of people were just like looking at what was going on… but many dressed down bankers were easy to spot coz they had on really new and well pressed expensive clothes, like Ralph Lauren shirts and shit…. To me they actually stuck out more than when they were wearing suits and the casual wear really emphasised just how disgustingly rich they are….

  2. If those bankers had a clue it would of been Sergio Tacchini trackie bottoms tucked into white sports socks.

  3. Likely the talk for years will be just that. Alot of people gathered and acted like fools or assholes or worse, and for what?

    Did the hungry get fed? Did the cold get clothed? Were widows and orphans supported and comforted?

    My big problem with “actions” is so little action comes from them.

    I lost my job to the recent financial troubles. I sure aint gonna cry and scream about it though.

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