Sertuc film club: two films about London black history


Sertuc Film Club – Double Bill – 21st May

Discussion with filmmaker – Colin Prescod

From you were black, you were out
Describes the condition in the 1950s in Ladbroke Grove a decaying inner london area.

A town under siege
Focuses on how Southall organised to resist Racist and Fascist attacks between 1976 and 1981.

2 films (from 4 part series) by Colin Prescod made for Channel 4 at the beginning of the 1980s, chart the milestones in black people’s fight for justice Including -Notting Hill in 1958 and the death of anti-fascist Blair Peach.

The films reveal, in these histories, how unities across communities were forged so that black became a political colour, not the colour of one’s skin, how racism has changed over time and how state institutions have been forced to move in response to black challenges.

Congress House, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS

FREE, but register here


  1. Wow John this looks great! There are so many clashing events I’d love to go to this Thursday, but unfortunately I’ve already said I’m going elsewhere. Do you know if there will be a chance to see either or both of these again? I’d like to see both but particularly the first due to my mother’s connections to Ladbroke Grove, albeit from 1961 to her death in 1979, not in the fifties. I blogged a couple of days about the house she lived in from 61 to 66 with Russ Henderson who had the first steel band in London in one of the basement flats beneath her… Today sadly I was blogging about the death of another Ladbroke Grove figure and acquaintance of my mother, Chris Gray of King Mob and the Situationist International.

  2. Hectic times,Mr T. I will try and get some contact details for the director for you on the night – just passing this on, I’m not involved with running it… saw your blog about Chris Gray – didn’t know him but obviously had heard of him, sad news.

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