1. i wouldn’t be surprised. when i was little i remember wanting nazi uniforms for my action men etc. all part of growing up, innit.

  2. Ah come now, what lad wouldn’t want to play with Special Patrol Group van? No young lad who craves excitement and adventure, that’s for nowt! I s’pose you were too busy sitting on carpet, stuffing head with the ‘theory’, written by all t’ Marxists and other worms that crawl out from under t’stones!

  3. Yeah fair point – I had my fair share of Commando comics (“take that, Fritz!”) and packs of those little blue plastic nazi soldiers….

  4. …ah, in the cider-infested swamps of the west country we used to dream about police brutality… our ones were just happy to give you a clip round the ear and drop you from the footie team…

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