reggae mashups

Mash ups generally leave me cold, there’s only so many r ‘n’ b vocals over dancehall riddims which don’t quite work together you can handle.

With a palette of the entire history of recorded sound, it still amazes me how many people choose to plagiarise the same old stuff… but fortunately there are still some exceptions.


Dalecooper Presents… The Good, The Bad & The Remixed. – Sizzla vocals over spaghetti western soundtracks! (Via computerstyle).

Proper obsessive attention to detail – it doesn’t all work so well to my ears, but there is definitely enough here to warrant a download and investigation.

Abashakti on Youtube has been causing quite a stir with his humourous mashups of pop hits and UK Soundsystem stalwarts like Shaka, Abashanti and Iration Steppas.

I know it’s incredibly childish and disrespectful, but it always brings a smile to my face. And I can’t help feeling that the joke is on the uber-serious fans who leave comments, rather than the soundsystem operators themselves (who by all accounts have a sense of humour). I’m sure this is done with affection, otherwise why would you bother, right? It’s the little touches like the distorted overdriven sound which show this is by an insider with tongue firmly placed in cheek.


  1. Yeah, but the very anglo saxon “uber serious fans” in the video look like a lot of geography teachers or sociology students, so what are they complaining about anyway?

    I think the over dubs are funny.

  2. errrr…urrrmm….nothing at all against anglo saxon reggae fans you understand, but it’s just that more often than not, they seem to be the ones dourly , gloomily going on about enforcing “strict orthodoxy” in reggae, and making the rules about who is, and who isn’t to be accepted as a “genuine” reggae trainspotter anorak….eeeerrr sorry, genuine reggae follower I meant…..

  3. Good for you mate. I agree with the earlier statement, and not your fake one. Got nothing better to do than impersonate people on reggae blogs then have you?


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