Big Chill House – Woofah takeover!

Hot Wuk August 2009

The Heatwave boys have foolishly let me and Droid into their bashment citadel for one night only!

Come down and watch me throw down some eclectic tunes and get slightly intimidated by Droid’s legendary powers of selection!

FREE ENTRY, nice vibes.


  1. I’m not sure Gabriel would want that. But we could do 2 hours of sleng teng followed by 3 hours of stalag?

    Heh heh – we’re going to put people off coming at this rate šŸ˜‰

    Come along! It’s going to be wicked! All killer no filler! 70s-00s!

  2. Yeah – it’ll be great… I’m going to spring a surprise soundclash on John, drag his corpse around the city and hang the tattered remains of his drum pan sound from London bridge. šŸ˜€

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