give up anti-fascism

The election of two BNP MEPs in the European elections has propelled the party onto the national stage and initiated a debate about why they’re achieving historically unprecedented results (or in some cases, even whether they are doing so), what is driving their recent performances and crucially, how they may be stopped and what the lefts role is in this – in a nutshell what our relation to anti-fascism is and should be in today’s conditions.

There is one question that is not being asked though – is anti-fascism the answer to the BNP?

via butchersapron – MatBlog.


  1. I think you have the question wrong. The real question is “Are the anti-fascist, along with their de facto allies the Islamic Clerics, the real modern fascist? And is the BNP getting all these votes because they are the only party that is speaking out against either?”

    Yes and Yes..

    And, No, I am not pro-BNP. But the above, in a nutshell, is why this is happening. If anyone of the traditional parties had the fortitude to stand up the the Black Hooded Antifas and/or the violence spewing Islamic Clerics then the BNP would not be seeing their ranks swell. But sadly, none of our politicians seem to have the nerve.

    So maybe the real question after all is, “Who else but the BNP can the traditional Brits turn to?” Riddle that one for me Batman.

  2. Ooh look, a cunt has found a website about reggae and decided to post some wank on it. Hey Mr Caldwell, wasn’t that you I spotted on Facebook last year trying to spam an anti-BNP thread with crypto-BNP bullshit? Fuck off.

  3. Nah Mr Caldwell (the original), I’m sorry but I think you’re talking bollocks. The idea that the “black hooded antifas” are any kind of threat to anyone, even fascists is pretty laughable. And whilst I’m not a big fan of the clerics round my way (neither are some of my local muslims…) I wouldn’t describe them as being fascists, that’s just tabloid bullshit.

    However there is something salvageable from your post – the concentration of the mainstream parties on swing voters in middle england has left a vacuum which the right rather than the left are filling. This is old news however, as the “give up anti-fascism” article I have linked to makes clear. It also suggests a tentative way forward…

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