“It’s chipboard quality, easy installment scheme.”


“[The guitar] cost me Β£5 from a guy in another squat, which was cheap even then,” he admits, β€œand I replaced the missing bridge with a door handle.”

Great retrospective piece on squat punk dubbers World Domination Enterprises over at The Quietus.

Ages ago I used to exchange tapes with a bloke who now runs a well known neo-folk label and distro. We gradually drifted apart, for obvious reasons. One of my tapes had some World Dom tracks on the end of it and his reply was quite telling: “That was awful. NEVER SEND ME ANYTHING BY THIS BAND EVER AGAIN.” The “industrial dub litmus test”… πŸ™‚

Woebot contrasts World Dom with The Bug’s “Pressure” album.



  1. Do you know if the version of ‘Catalogue Clothes’ on the reissue is the same as the ’86 12″ version? Cos they’ve got another instant sale if it has.

    “Asbestos” still has one of the nastiest guitar sounds I’ve ever heard…

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