1. This fanzine about Huddersfield iy, really really poor indeed and even a reasonable amount of local research would have thrown up an enormous amount of source material.

  2. Hi,

    In reply to Rootsman.

    I produced the fanzine for my dissertation this year. It’s always good to get people’s feedback. However your comments make me wonder if you are from Huddersfield? If you are from the town you could not have missed my appeals for information and resources that were generated in the local press. As well as posters in every club, shop, facebook etc. Had you seen any of this & had any information to share I wonder why It was not offered?

  3. I’m up for that but don’t they insist on stuff that hasn’t been professionally printed?

    Maybe we could cobble together a xerox zine before then as well though?

  4. Do they? I must have missed that bit, I was too busy concentrating on which Jah Batta tunes to burn for the Woofah table ghetto blaster, and which stall’s giving away free cake.

    Yeah, I think Woofah needs a scruffy little brother…

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